Sabin Vaccine InstituteThe Sabin Vaccine Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing needless human suffering from vaccine-preventable and neglected tropical diseases through prevention and treatment. The institute promotes the control of diseases preventable by vaccination, such as HPV, pneumococcal disease, pertussis, rotavirus, rubella and typhoid and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), such as human hookworm infection, ascariasis, trichuriasis, schistosomiasis, onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis and trachoma.

To achieve this, the Sabin Vaccine Institute is coupled with a well-known Product Development Partnership (PDP) dedicated to the creation of vaccines that are both low-cost and effective in preventing and treating tropical infections in developing countries.

Every year, the Sabin Vaccine Institute awards outstanding achievement in the field of vaccinology with the Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal, an honor that commemorates the groundbreaking work in that field by the late Dr. Albert B. Sabin, discoverer of the oral polio vaccine.


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SabinSabin Vaccine Institute: Its Mission

Sabin’s mission is to reduce needless human suffering from vaccine-preventable and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) by developing new vaccines, advocating for increased use of existing vaccines, and promoting expanded access to affordable medical treatments.  The Sabin Vaccine Institute’s job is to educate, eliminate barriers, and lead scientific discovery, delivering on the promise of a healthier future for nearly two billion people still plagued by NTDs and vaccine preventable diseases.

The institution is founded on the belief that vital medicines and vaccines should be accessible and treated as a basic service assured to people by their governments. The institute also advocates for populations to be free from the burden of preventable diseases, so that they can be better equipped to focus successfully on building their societies.

The Sabin Vaccine Institute operates three main programs (Global Network, Vaccine Advocacy and Education, and Vaccine Development), relying on a network of global partners who, alongside with the Institute, work to reduce the impact of vaccine preventable and neglected tropical diseases all over the world.


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Sabin VaccineThe Global Network Program at Sabin

The Global Network program for Neglected Tropical Diseases aims to raise awareness, political will, and funding necessary to control and eliminate the seven most common NTDs. The experts working on this project are Neeraj Mistry, Managing Director for the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases and Michelle K. Brooks, Policy Director, Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases.

The Vaccine Advocacy and Education program at Sabin

The Vaccine Advocacy and Education program at The Sabin Vaccine Institute stands for the reduction of the preventable diseases’ burden. They work to bring together key stakeholders and leaders in government, private sector and civil society in order to foster cooperation, share information and best practices and develop improved vaccine policy and access.

The list of experts in charge of the Vaccine Advocacy and Education program includes: Ciro de Quadros, Executive Vice President and Director of Vaccine Advocacy and Education; Mike McQuestion, Director for Sustainable Immunization Financing; Christopher B. Nelson, Director for Coalition against Typhoid Secretariat, Vaccine Advocacy and Education, and Peter Carrasco, Director for International Association of Immunization Managers.


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The Vaccine Development program at Sabin

The Vaccine Development program is possible thanks to the Sabin Vaccine Institute Product Development Partnership’s (Sabin PDP), a partnership, led by Peter Hotez, responsible for  developing vaccines for diseases of the world’s poorest people. Sabin PDP progress over more than ten years as resulted in a low-cost model that serves as outline for developing vaccines that otherwise have no commercial market.

Besides Peter Hotez, President and Director of the Sabin PDP, other experts contribute to the program, such as Larry Ellingsworth, Vice President and Deputy Director of the Sabin PDP; David Diemert, Director for Clinical Trials at Sabin PDP; and Maria Elena Botazzi, Director of Product Development, Sabin PDP.