Multiple Sclerosis Support

Multiple Sclerosis Support
multiple sclerosis support
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Each person experiences Multiple Sclerosis (MS) very differently. From the moment the disease is diagnosed, patients and their families begin asking questions and looking for answers. Sometimes all MS patients want is to find and connect with someone who understands what they are going through with respect to the disease and how it impacts daily life. In these instances, reaching out for multiple sclerosis support is crucial.

There are many organizations throughout the world with established networks of Multiple Sclerosis patients and their families and friends who are ready to help and share their own experiences of the disease. Many of these organizations feature websites that facilitate communication between patients, doctors, and medical experts, and offer a unique way to connect with people involved with the disease at any level. These sites feature forums and information resources where support, encouragement, and advice are easily found and given by individuals genuinely devoted to improve MS awareness.

Multiple Sclerosis support groups, forums and communities on social networks like Facebook may also help patients and relatives find the answers they are looking for and connect them with people familiar with the disease.


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Multiple Sclerosis Support Groups

Healthline has an MS community page on Facebook where patients can post questions and share worries, advices or tips. This page allows individuals affected by MS to connect with others from the US. Sometimes, the page manager post questions sent to them through Facebook to allow the community to discuss certain subjects. Answers provided by the MS community can be useful and add information that only those who live with the disease can understand.

A group of volunteers runs the page MS World. They all have MS or provide care for people with it. This page is highly comprehensive and is home to lots of different chats and even an ongoing live chat to discuss everything related with MS. Most forums are themed after specific questions, from symptoms to family life with MS. The online chat is always so that users can discuss general subjects live, but some hours of the day are exclusive to MS talks.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation’s Facebook group is set up as an online community for people with Multiple Sclerosis. It’s an open group with over 6.500 members and anyone can ask questions and give advice to help others in doubt. All that is posted in the group can be seen and discussed by everybody in the community and if it’s more expertise is needed someone from the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation may step up to help members find what they are looking for.


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