Texas Rep. Stockman: “Investigate IRS Audits of Obamacare Critics”

Texas Rep. Stockman: “Investigate IRS Audits of Obamacare Critics”
Representative Steve Stockman

For the Obama administration, the escalating IRS auditing scandal could come to ensnare the centerpiece of President Obama’s presidency, with a prominent  Texas Representative calling for an investigation into whether the Internal Revenue Service unfairly audited critics of Obamacare.

Texas Republican Representative Steve Stockman released a statement on his official website today, asking two House committees to consider opening a new investigation into whether or not the IRS’ role in targeting Conservative political groups included specific critics of the wide-ranging, government-run healthcare system that is set to be implemented nationwide in 2014.

“Government reforms adopted after Watergate prohibit the White House from coordinating with the IRS to target citizens,” Stockman argued in his statement.  “We know White House critics were targeted by the IRS.  We know the White House maintained an active enemies list through [email protected] Investigators must find out how targets were picked and what, if any, White House personnel knew about it.”


The connection between the [email protected] e-mail account, Obamacare, and the current IRS scandal is merely circumstantial at present, however, there are enough threads to potentially connect the dots. Established by the White House in 2009, the [email protected] was a controversial method for keeping track of articles, forum posts, and other web content that was critical of Obamacare during the legislative battle that eventually led to its passage and signing into law by Obama. At the time, critics of the [email protected] e-mail account suggested that the White House’s attempt to collect information of websites, groups, and individuals who were speaking out against Obamacare was dubious at best.

In light of the recent scandal, Rep. Stockman is seeking more information on what happened with the data collected from the [email protected] e-mail account, and whether it could have been fed to the IRS in helping direct audits against detractors of Obamacare.

Stockman’s enquiry is particularly germane to Texas as it currently relates to Obamacare, as Governor Perry and GOP leaders in the state seek to push back against the highly controversial government-run healthcare system ahead of its implementation next year.

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