Jay Carney On Obama’s Trip To Austin: “Well, why not Texas? Austin is a hub of innovation and technology”

Jay Carney On Obama’s Trip To Austin: “Well, why not Texas? Austin is a hub of innovation and technology”

jay carneyPresident Obama‘s visit to Texas today is making big headlines, considering that the political and ideological divides could not be more stark between the Lone Star’s leading “red state” status and a President who is widely considered to be well left of center. In an administration that has emphasized big government through its political actions — accented by the government takeover of General Motors, a steady increase in federal spending, and the passage and signing of Obamacare — it comes as a surprise that Obama would travel to Texas to tout the state’s unbridled job growth, innovation, and education, all of which has been fueled in large part by Republican Governor Rick Perry‘s decidedly conservative approach to governance.

Yet, that is exactly what the President’s narrative will be as he traverses Austin.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney sought to characterize the President’s trip to Austin as an endorsement of the kind of success that he envisions for the future of America:

Well, why not Texas? Austin is a hub of innovation and technology. It’s also a hub of education. And the President, as you know, will have a series of events tomorrow that reflect these three areas that he’s talked about since the State of the Union — the need to make sure that we have these kinds of jobs of the future here in the United States, the need to ensure that our workers have the skills they need to fill those jobs, and the necessity that those jobs pay well enough to sustain a middle-class life. And Austin is a great place to go for that.

barack hussein obamaThere’s no doubt that Austin is everything that Mr. Carney says it is. Here on BioNews Texas, we regularly cover a wide range of stories coming out of Austin about innovative biotech startups, trailblazing industry leaders, and a wealth of critical research and testing coming out of the academic institutions, such as the University of Texas at Austin. In some ways, having the President tout the state — and more specifically the city of Austin — is a major endorsement and confirmation that Texas is doing something right when it comes to attracting business, creating jobs, and fostering growth through smaller government, fewer regulations, tax breaks for companies, and incentives for business relocation into the state, all of which has led to more jobs and a low cost of living. It can be argued, after all, that the Texan economy has done the heavy lifting in keeping the U.S. economy from completely folding over the past five years. From a political perspective, it would make sense for the President to seek to get his fingerprints all over the success of Texas.

However, it may be a bit of a tough sell for a President who has governed at the national level in such a way that refutes the initiatives that Governor Perry and the GOP-dominant Texas legislature has championed over the past years.

Much like President’s recent trip to Mexico, where his gushing vision of contemporary Mexico fell flat for many Mexicans who toil amidst poverty, lawlessness, and joblessness, Obama runs the risk of once again appearing out of phase with his own message, touting the success of a state that has achieved prosperity through a governmental model that he himself would never implement at the national level.

Also at issue is the sense that Obama’s trip to Austin may be more politically subversive than meets the eye. According to the Dallas Morning News:

Some words you’re likely to hear tomorrow in Texas: middle class, economic opportunity, education, jobs.

Some words you won’t hear: Battleground Texas, an effort by several Obama campaign veterans to relocate in the state and begin a project aimed at turning reliably Republican Texas blue. Said Carney: “People sometimes in Washington see everything through an electoral lens are true, but I can guarantee you that is not what this is about.”

Coincidences rarely occur in politics, and one cannot ignore the fact that Obama’s trip to Texas comes just on the heels of Governor Perry’s high-profile biotech prospecting mission to the President’s once-home state of Illinois, as well as the Texas Governor’s trip to the Silicon Valley, both of which were considered to be successful in further advancing the migration of technology companies from struggling blue states into Texas. Wielding the bully pulpit, the President may seek to utilize his trip to Texas as a political gambit of sorts.

Regardless, a visit from the President — no matter what the motivations or consequences turn out to be — is yet one more solid piece of evidence that Texas continues to lead the nation, and that the biotech ndustry is playing a major part in the state’s economic development.



  1. jcx2 says:

    Austin is the hub of Liberalism in Texas. The University is a Cambridge, Columbia, Berkley wannabe. If too many of that persuasion move to Texas, eg: those fleeing California, it will do to Texas what liberalism has done to other “real” States…it will destroy it. Why do people ruin one State/City/Town then bring their “bad” politics to another place, only to infest it, and destroy, it as they did the one from which they fled?

    • Kfletch87 says:

      UT is liberal, but it’s really not as crazy liberal as some people think. I mean compared to A&M it is, but I am a pretty politically conservative person and I went to UT. My sisters are crazy conservative Christians and they went to UT. It’s actually quite diverse, you have your crazy liberal activists and your crazy conservative (I meant uber liberal/conservative, not insane haha). Overall, I thought UT was a great school and exposes people to all walks of life.

  2. paul woodman says:

    of course Austin,the liberal center of Texas.For Barry & Co. to say it’s not a political trip is a fabrication.Perry has been visiting liberal areas(California,Illinois) so Mister Sotero just happens to drop into Texas?,2x?….spare us the spin Barry.

  3. Leisa says:

    Right Austin is the Technology Capitol of TX. Dont think so that would be Houston and Dallas and Beaumont where all the gas and oil companies are located. Austin is yuppy and artsie type of city so Liberalism dominates that city and what a shame that is.

  4. borninmombasa says:

    DMV fees for a pickup truck in Texas is about $52 a year , in California the same truck is $455.00 a year so Texas here’s your chance to change that! And that will just be the beginning of wonder changes . currently the Texas state legislators only meet part time and are not paid much, oh oh here’s your chance to change that , imagine how much better off you’ll be with a full time state legislators full of well paid “professional politicians ” passing law after law after law and creating wonderful regulations by the hundreds . A few short years of that and you can drive those pesky business right out of Texas , woo hoo . Here’s you chance Texas ,,,,go Blue!

  5. john jansen says:

    Texas has been a screaming success story withhout the imposition of socialist policies. Why would the people inhabiting that turf want to do a switch and ally themselves withpolicies that have caused financial pain and sufferig in other large states. See New York and California and Illinois.

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