UT Southwestern Scientist Appointed Chair of Hamon Center for Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Eric Olson

Dr. Eric Olson

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has just announced that the new Hamon Center for Regenerative Science and Medicine will be headed by Dr. Eric Olson, the current chair of the Department of Molecular Biology.

The efforts to make the Hamon Center a reality were mostly supported by a generous $10 million donation from the Hamon Charitable Foundation. Its mission is to elevate scientific breakthroughs that offer next-generation regenerative methods, such as promising discoveries on stem cell treatments, and tissue and organ creation.

Dr. Daniel K. Podolsky, the current President of UTSW, said that it is an exciting time for UT Southwestern, as the new center will be working towards becoming a forerunner in regenerative medicine and research. He was very thankful for the Hamon Foundation’s sponsorship, and just as grateful to Dr. Eric Olson for stepping up to the position.

Dr. Eric Olson has contributed to a number of new discoveries regarding cardiac development, including innovations involving regenerative medicine. He produced a comprehensive genetic model on cardiac development, which can serve as a basis for knowing how genetics works in both normal and abnormal development. Findings such as those of Dr. Olson are highly valued in the search for new and improved treatment modalities and preventive medicine in cases of heart defects in infants and cardiac restoration in adult patients.

With Dr. Olson at the head of the Hamon Center, UT Southwestern can expect a boost in collaborative work among the faculty, and welcome new junior and senior faculty members. The center is also expected to sustain recently developed core facilities, extended biobank services, and the establishment of contemporary and relevant educational opportunities on regenerative medicine and research.

BioNews TX  previously featured Dr. Eric Olson in a report that announced his recent inclusion in the Top 20 Translational Researchers list.

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