Possible cure for Hepatitis B goes to human trials at Texas Biomed

Hepatitis B is a disease without a cure. Anyone that contracts it could be left with a chronic, life-long condition that requires ongoing treatment to allow the patient to live a normal life. Like HIV sufferers, they are condemned to be wary of sexual contact, cannot donate blood, and, moreover, are treated with a social stigma. But new research coming out of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute at San Antonio indicates that a Hep B cure could be on the way.

A drug developed by Gilead Sciences has proven itself to be able to destroy cells infected with the hepatitis B virus (HBV) in chimpanzees that have the chronic form of hep B. Chimps are the only other primate besides humans that is able to contract a chronic form of hepatitis.

The drug is called GS-9620 and is an immune system stimulator. It works with the body’s natural defense system to fight off HBV, eliminate infected cells and reduce the number of infected cells in the liver of the chimpanzees. The success at Texas Biomed with the primates was critical in allowing it to move forward into the human trial phase.

A full report of the study co-authored by research scientists from both Texas Biomed and Gilead Sciences can be found in the May issue of Gastroenterology magazine.

The drug is not yet a cure, but it promises to be a stepping stone on the way to completely eradicating the disease. The study claims that similar viruses to HBV in other animals can be cured using GS-9620 treatment. The fact that this eliminative potential exists in the drug at all shows that through some minor adjustment, it is possible that aggressive treatments of GS-9620 derivatives could ultimately lead to total dissolution of hepatitis B infections.

“This GS-9620 therapy represents the first conceptually new treatment for HBV in more than a decade, and combining it with the existing antiviral therapy could be transformative in dealing with this disease,” said Robert E. Lanford, Ph.D., co-author of the study and researcher at Texas Biomed.

About Hepatitis B

hepatitis b cureHepatitis B Virus is a blood-borne pathogen that causes inflammation of the liver. It is often contracted through sexual contact, sharing needles, blood transfusions, and can be passed from mothers to unborn children. It has both acute and chronic strains and can either be a mild illness that leaves after a few weeks, or an ailment that will haunt the sufferer for their entire life.

The damage to the liver caused by hepatitis B infection increases the likelihood of cirrhosis, liver disease, and liver cancer. Liver cancer is the third most deadly form of cancer and the fifth most common throughout the world.

The Center for Disease Control in the United States claims that there are currently 1.4 million Americans infected with HBV, and many more worldwide where contraceptives and medical facilities are considerably less advanced.

The only known way to fight HBV infection is prevention through vaccination.

Visit BioNews Texas’ article on Hepatitis B for more information about the disease, or take a look at this video:

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  • http://pratsakas@dodo.com.au Paula Ratsakas

    This is the promising news that we have all been waiting for. I am from Australia. This disease has been treated so negatively from Doctors . Everytime you are in the Doctors room you get sick losing of hearing that there is no cure. It leaves you feeling depressed and losing faith in the medical industry. Please let this cure be soon. For all the people around the world suffering this horrible disease and stigma associated with this is so terrible. You feel so isolated and you feel you cannot talk to anyone and if you said something you will be instantly dismissed from someone’s life. This disease causes lifelong loneliness, grave fear and depression it is worst than CANCER AND HIV. It has not been taken seriously because of the Vaccination. Because there has been vaccination, yes it has been saving and preventing yet on the other hand forgetting about how many people are affected with this disease worldwide. About 350 million live with fear every day. Alot of people are dying and the governements do not care. What do we do? Do they just let us wait and die. People are forgetting about us. Thank GOD there are Scientists in the world that care and understand that this is a serious problem and finally something has to be done about it sooner than later.

  • Mikky

    Millions of ppl waiting for ages. Thank you GOD u have reason for cure. Hope this drug will on air very soon and relief from stress & make zem free.
    Looks born again.
    Thanks GOD.

  • ABZ

    I would like to be the first human test subject volunteer.

  • ritchelle

    me tooo,,thanks god…

  • Theo

    Thank you Lord for your wisdom. Help our researchers and scientists as they continue to strive for happiness in the world.

  • mithu

    Realy cure hepatitis b?.

  • Irra

    Thank you lord, I’m just waiting to save our love

  • micol

    thanks as we wait let us pray that it will reach Africans on a fair price thanks to the lord

  • MM

    we are waiting too

  • kay

    this is really a good news.. on the other hand i hope gov’t and world health would give the carriers a fair treatment when it comes to employment since this is not viral….

    • kay

      *i mean airborne disease

  • Mike Nace

    Be sure to check out our new informational article on Hepatitis B here: http://bionews-tx.com/hepatitis-b/

  • http://yourwisdom.Helpourresearchers swati

    Thank you Lord, this is really a good news your wisdom. Help our researchers

    • http://sdas250685@gmail.com sanjay

      thank u god 4 all ur love
      plz help ur people

  • Kema

    THANKGOD for this breakthrough. Thank you scientists and researchers. Will love to voluntarily participate in the trial programme.

  • geeta

    I am also a hepatitis b carrier.when he medicine will be in market..will it cure mr forever.

  • kishor

    i am hbv positive pls send me medicine name

  • bpsingh

    i wish and prey the results bring smile on millions face .may god bless the researchers.

  • kishor

    plz send medicine hep b cure

  • kettele

    plz help othose who are suffering from this horrible disease,and history will remember those who devoted his or her efforts and time to research for the cure of hep b,and god bless you,our angels.thank you! hope it would get cured very soon ,we’ll get old,because we’ve got dreams that could not be realized as a result of this desease.


    if this drug will sucessfully made,many ppl will again get their life back..thanks GOD

  • papilo

    I am realy happy hoping the cure you will let in market soon. A lot of people are suffering of this terrible disease and am one of them. we are living for nothing, and hopless. hence, am looking for your cure soones please


    Thank you GOD
    Thanks to Researchers and Scientists as they continue to strive for happiness in the world. In India most of the people who are suffering from Chronic Hepatitis B Infection they are dying everyday because of no proper medicine for it. It would be better if Researchers and Scientist introduce the new remedy for curing HBV infection early. Atleast you people can save some peoplein the world. Once again thanks to Researches, Scientis for their valuable contribution and contiunue to strive for happiness in the mankind.

  • Menhigh

    Thanks God for those scientists! We believe that there will be cure for hepatitis B soon

  • Morgan

    Thank God for his wisdom bestowed on these scientists.

  • soomon

    Thanks to God.

  • dejected

    Eagerly waiting for this. May almighty God give these scientist the necessary wisdom to profer solution to life time cure of this virus. I could not stop crying till now for been rejected from my scholarship program due to this virus. Please intensify effort on it and we will keep you in prayer. Really i am the most affected.

  • emeka enemor

    I am so impressed at this wonderful advancement on the possible cure for HBV.All thanks to God almighty for his undying love for the good of his children,and also thanks to the Scientists for their resilience and hardwork to save uncountable lives.However,I will like to be used as a Volunteer for human trial because I am a carrier of HBV.Please,how do I get this GS-9620 drugs to cure my HBV infection.

  • fgf

    when will be the medicine come to world market.we can have a possibility of cure from the disease

  • James Margret

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